Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Tell the hardest truths first" -Benjamin Horne

When I was thirteen my attraction to nostalgia and minutia inspired me to keep a journal of my life and thoughts. But I never did it, thinking that it would take too long to go back and rerecord all the things I'd think important. When I was sixteen, I thought surely then was the time to start keeping a journal. But regret over never starting one before, and all the important data lost between 13 and 16, disabled me from writing one then. You'd be sad to hear how many times that experience has recycled in my life. I know I am. I did keep a journal of my Europe backpacking trip in 1998, and I reread it from time to time. It's a pretty good one, from an editorially historic point of view. It has such quotations as, "Let me break it down for you, Falafel Dan doesn't live there," and, "The saga continues, Mike vs. the Pill." But even after congratulating myself for creating this artifact, and historical document, I could still never bring myself to start a full year, Doogie Howser-style journal.

This blog is not about photography, it is about the life and thoughts of a photographer. There will be wisdom amongst the chaff.

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