Friday, October 17, 2008

"You can't turn a ho into a housewife fool!" - Too $hort

This is me trying to reconcile the 35mm format. Not in the shooting, but now, after having shot. You look through the glass, and feel obligated to conform to the environment (eye piece & in this case, LCD screen). But obligation or not, you make trouble for yourself trying to tape-off or reformat your camera's given aspect ratio. 

And yet, I've been getting better at it horizontally. I'm loosely projecting a 6x7 crop, or a 6x6 or 6x45. I have even started mixing in the 16:9 (universal HD format), which as you enlarge it looks better and better. But the point I'm not making well is that shooting vertically is like looking through a crack in a door. It's so narrow and clostrophobic. And just too long. 

What the hell am I talking about. I need to go to sleep I think. 

Sometimes the face shoots itself.

Anyway, this is Eugene Hutz. I really dig the cellular intimacy here. There are even more dynamic shots from this series that will make it on later. But you can see two of them here.

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Jamie said...

I loved him in "Gangs of New York."