Friday, September 11, 2009

Children Of The Night @ Highline Ballroom

Children of the Night, killin' it at the Highline. It's funny to watch their evolution. I've been working with them now for near a year, and you can see these little, nuanced differences. Stage presence and blocking, interaction with the audience, the lyrics, the beats. It's moving.

But there's external stuff too. The venues are getting bigger, better. The crowds are getting larger. But also the crowds are getting larger because they're now old enough to get in. It's cool to get to track a progression like this, since we're mostly focused, fixated, on our own effort for evolution. And our stagnation.

They keep pushin. Like the rest of us. But there's no shortage of hustle. Mark my words, you get them in the right hands, in the machine, and they will be big.

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