Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Yes Men

The Yes Men are hard to explain. If you don't already know them, you can check out some of their exploits here. But when I heard they were staging another event, I decided to get involved. And I figured, if I was going to get involved, I'd go whole hog, and show up at my designated meet up point at 4am, rather than waiting it out till later in the morning.

Our task was to hand out newspapers that had compelling information about global warming. The papers happened to look a lot like The New York Post. We ran into a little bit of resistance in front of the Time Warner building. But with a little classic passive resistance and conscientious objection one of my new "delivery buddies", Dakin Hart, gave me a good lesson in a type of activism that I felt like I had missed by decades. That, if nothing else, made the whole day worth it.

And also the fat cat with the pipe who threw away the paper, and then proceeded to try to talk shop with me about my camera.

Dakin Hart
We explained that this was different than the Post he was already carrying. A supplement.

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