Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Palouse (F.K.A. Kiefer's Flatliner dream)

I woke up in Idaho, on MaryJane's Farm at 05:30. It was 08:30 at home, and my tent had gotten just brighter than pitch black. So in the spirit of the farm life I decided to get up and watch the sunrise in the hammock nearby. But when I got out, I realized the sun was coming up somewhere else. So I followed it. Actually, I ran to it. Down the gravel road, and out of the farm. I cut left up this hill, and was high-stepping through the cut wheat(?). I must have looked like a possessed lunatic. But it looked apocalyptic. 
By the time I got to the top of this hill, I thought, "Damn, I bet this would look even sweeter from that next hill." So I ran down into the gully, saw a fox, leapt the "crick" as Mary Jane says, and bolted to the top of the next hill, to see this:I said to someone recently, that between Richard Misrach and motivational office posters, there was no good reason to shoot sunrise landscapes. But when you're there, and it's right up in your face, no, all around you IMAX-style you can't fight the compulsion to capture it, with whatever you've got. I think it goes without saying that this doesn't even do it justice. 
Every day Theo wakes up and knows that he has to run faster than the slowest gazelle...

I made him do this for me.

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