Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Velouria. Simple.

This is neither my favorite video, nor the best. But it represents something important. In what would become a medium where the picture is often the hero over the song, this video props up the song first, and the artists second, while using video as an instrument. 

The concept is simple. Almost inane. And it reflects the gestalt of the band: independant, low budget, fun-loving, and loose. There's nothing to it. But in that way, it's more like looking out the window of a moving car (while listening to the radio) than watching a film where the song is the soundtrack. It asks very little of you. Only for you to hear the song, and watch the band "not acting". This is a very 90's approach to video-making. And I kind of love it. 

There is so much breathing room for you to presume, rightly or wrongly, but in a narrative way, how this honest, unscripted, relatively un-blocked, performance functions as a metaphor for the bands' personalities and dynamic. Frank is quick to show himself first and biggest, the victor, king of the hill. Joey blazes his own trail and almost immediately vanishes from the pissing contest Frank has just initiated. Only to return at the end with a dynamic, unique version of his role. David stumbles, and gets up, and trudges forth. But always has his head up, and maintains somewhat steadfast in his enthusiasm, or at least, responsibility. And then there's Kim. Darling, fearful, but positive. Apprehensive about the danger of the endeavor, but neither rejecting it, nor championing it. She'll get there. She'll make it. She will fall, but falling is not the end of her. Be patient, and you will cheer for her. Cheer for the Pixies!  

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