Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It was an other time.

Dangerous wanted to borrow my Yashica point n' shoot that I used to schlep all over Manhattan when I first moved here. Of course, I had migrated to digital without finishing off the roll. So we shot out the roll, and I took it to get processed. In 2009, that means, developed chemically, and then scanned at way bigger than I'll ever use it. You know, for back up.

So naturally, I was excited to see what was on a roll, sitting dormant since probably 2004. There's a bunch of good stuff, Halloween party, intimate morning portraits, Zip passed out in fetal position on the middle of his floor...

...And Remote Lounge. I only went there once, maybe twice. I remember The Chad telling me how awesome it was (for picking up chicks). But one night, Ron and I were restless, as we tended to be, and decided to pop in. It was probably a Tuesday, and was very empty. We still got to see some boobs. I'm not sure why that didn't make it onto the camera.

But this looks like an old sci-fi B-Movie. I don't know if it's the grain, the control panels, or the turtle necks and Joe Barbershop hair.

tech note: for those interested, this was shot on Fujipress 1600, sat in various household range temperatures, and was processed at +1/2.

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Jamie Y said...

That last picture is how I always imagined Ron as a character on "Lost."