Friday, November 6, 2009

Alecia Medley, Twilight Eclipse

I had worked with Alecia on a previous project this summer, and was thrilled by her ability to inject nuance and authenticity into a bigger picture/moment. We were talking about putting together another concept when she mentioned how badly she wanted to be in the third Twilight Movie that will be filming next spring. She had accidentally gotten hooked on the books, and like everyone else, hooked meant obsessed. She felt that her look, style and ability would make her a perfect fit for one of the supporting characters, so I suggested that we shoot some character shots to submit along with her resume. Admittedly, our resources were low, and my grasp of the character was incomplete without having read the books. But we opted to go the long way around. No sfx shots, no scene recreations, just moving through moments as the character. On the surface, there's no real context to build a story. And yet, there's something about these shots, and Alecia's control of the moment that still leave you feeling like you're witnessing a scene from a dream that you haven't put together yet.

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